With more of our lives being controlled by electronic appliances and smart devices, it is important to have a reliable and up to date electrical system installed in your home or office. Unreliable or improper electrical systems could result in damage to your appliances and possibly start fires. Our experienced electricians can provide handle all project starting from the installation of power and lighting systems, safety switches and modern smart home and automation devices.

  • Power and Lighting systems

    if you are building a new house, it is important to have a safe and reliable electrical and lighting system installed. Electricity is dangerous and having unsafe wiring system can cause harm to people or may spark electrical fires as well as cause damage to any electronics connected to the power point. We can also inspect any current wiring and lighting fixtures you have installed to determine whether they are up to current standards and regulations and if necessary provide an upgrade to any existing services to make them safer and more reliable.

  • Safety Switch

    A safety switch or residual current device is an important part of any electrical system. It is a mandatory part of any residential or commercial building and provides protection against any overflow of electrical current which can damage electronic devices connected to the circuit and could possibly electrocute and harm a person nearby. Installation of a safety switch is standard to the design of any new or existing electrical power system. We can also service any existing safety switches to ensure that it passes all safety tests or if necessary recommend replacement if it is deemed to be unsafe.

  • Smart Home Installation

    Smart home devices, or “Home Automation” is a modern concept of having your home connected to a network of devices and appliances that were previously handled manually by a person. This could include things like having your air conditioning or lighting system connected to an Intelligent Control system which can be access remotely via the internet through a computer or smart phone. This can allow a person to control these appliances no matter where you are in the home or even if you are away. These smart devices can also be connected with a surveillance system to provide 24/7 monitoring and alerts if there is any suspicious activity.

  • Ducted Vacuum Installation

    A Ducted Vacuum system is a modern centrallised vacuuming system that we can install into a new or existing house. The ducted system consists of a single power unit that is installed in an isolated part of the house and connected to Inlet Valves which are strategically placed throughout the home. A Vacuum hose attachment is then used together with one of Inlet Valves to vacuum the floor as per usual. A ducted vacuum system provides many benefits over a traditional portable vacuum cleaner such as more powerful suction, quieter operation and an improved indoor air quality.