Fire Protection

Fire danger is present in any home or office environment and can be fatal in situations when there are no early warning signs or smoke alarms to alert the occupants of that danger. The majority of fire related fatalities are a result of a fire in the late hours of night in a home that does not contain any fire warning systems such as a smoke alarm and residential homes with an active smoke alarm are 3 times less likely to have any fatalities and cases of serious injury. Having a professionally installed fire warning and protection system is vital for the safety of people in every home and workplace.

  • Engineered Fire Solutions

    Our experienced engineers will commission a professional fire safety system that is designed specifically for your home or office. Using the latest and more efficient hardware and devices to ensure that once set up is complete to have the peace of mind knowing that everyone will be warned and protected against any fire hazards that may arise.

  • Smoke Alarms

    A smoke alarm is an important early warning system when it comes to fire safety as it allows those nearby to be alerted of fire hazard as soon as possible allowing for an immediate reaction to evacuate the area. We will be able to identify and install the optimal amount of smoke alarms that are required for the premises so that all floors and areas are properly covered.

  • Sprinkler Systems

    Early detection of a fire is only the first step, next is to put that fire out in the safest and most efficient way possible, especially in a situation where there are no people around when a fire starts. Our engineers will assess the floor plans of your building and design a specific roof sprinkler system that will best handle any potential fire hazard. Having a sprinkler system installed helps greatly to stop fires from spreading which can reduce damage to the area as well as save lives.

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting

    If there is a fire hazard indoors, the immediate and surrounding areas may have reduced visibility due to the area being filled with smoke. It is important to have emergency and lighting and illuminated fire exit signs set up throughout the building to mark out a clear path to the nearest fire exit.

  • Testing, Maintenance and Servicing

    Once our engineered fire solutions are installed, we go through a detailed testing phase of all systems installed to ensure that everything is in working order and will operate exactly how it is required to in an emergency. We can schedule times to perform regular maintenance and servicing of all systems installed to keep everything in full working order.